“Tripe Seven was a lucky number, no doubt about it! Personally, and for newcruise Yacht projects & Design  it was the big step forward. The first serious super yacht, From that moment onwards we were playing in a different league…“

There are design offices that start with a big bang, but that is hardly ever the full story. Quite often, experienced designers come from other offices where they have worked for many years. Then, they decide to start their own studio and seemingly out of nowhere they manage to start with a sizeable project.

They guys from newcruise grew up the hard way… they where young, full of fresh ideas and lots of enthusiasm when Christian Leyk first joined them as a student for Industrial Design. They were just about to make their first step up from the really small boats to the first real yacht: The 105ft motor yacht ‘Xanadu’ (now ‘Bonita J.) and the 88ft sailing yacht ‘Opium’. Years later, with slightly more grey hair but still the same enthusiasm, came the breakthrough with ’777′. Shortly after, newcruise establish itself amongst the super yacht designers with the delivery of ‘Siren’ and ‘Luna’.

“Of course, 777 wasn’t all plain sailing. I do remember long days and longer nights. I also remember a fair amount of stress, because we wanted to do everything right, everything perfect. So this involved drawing after drawing, endless discussions, more illustrations, occasional frustration and those incredible moments when things were falling in place and everybody was happy. I remember the launch at the Nobiskrug shipyard, it was simply amazing.

There was also the great feeling of achievement when you realise that you can simply draw something on a piece of paper or on your computer screen… and one day it becomes this huge piece of reality! Somebody just recently asked me when was the last time I did something for the first time. As a matter of fact, I often do things for the first time, because I’m a curious and adventurous person (well, that’s what I think!). But more importantly, I always try to do things like I would be doing them for the first time. With the same curiosity, ambition and passion.”

We believe it is this attitude that did set us apart from other designers…

photos by: Yacht Isolda