A delicate matter. Very delicate, as a matter of fact. Measuring about 44mm in diameter, most of the features are about 0.5 of a millimetre strong.

We were initially thinking ‘titanium’, but in the end it made more sense to engineer it in a way that it can be done in silver. Or gold or platinum. That required a bit more attention to detail, such as strengthening the structures without making the appearance too chunky. What remained was the concept of interlacing elements that create strength by inter-linking where required but elegantly weaving over and under whenever possible, thus maintaining a light and filigrane appearance.

So, what is it? Well, the other day we found ourselves playing a bit with our logo and our favourite 3D software, and this is basically the result. There was no specific concept of where we wanted this exercise to go, other than the idea that it could be some sort of jewellery or a pin (we’re kind of underwhelmed by the thought of wearing an embroidered polo shirt at the Monaco Yacht Show). Maybe we got carried away a bit, maybe it’s a bit over-the-top for the latter purpose. But it might make a lovely pendant or even a pair of ear rings? Somebody even told us that it would make a ‘killer bolo’… the logo is still present but it’s more discreet and should reveal itself only when you look twice or move the object slightly in front of your eyes (we really like our logo but we aren’t so blunt as to print it all over the place and call it ‘style’)

After all, don’t forget what ‘coquine’ means and what the logo represents. It all makes sense… whispered.