A Gentleman’s World

When posting the new design of the 88m displacement yacht ‘Flying B’, which we like to call a ‘gentleman’s cruiser’, we thought it might be an interesting idea to consult wikipedia for the definition of ‘gentleman’.

The article is actually quite interesting, explaining the origin of the word and it’s use in the past. In this context , however, we thought it’s more relevant to summarize the appropriate sections. After all, we know that a perfect gentleman looks like Cary Grant and opens the car door for the lady.

The word gentleman came in common use to signify not a distinction of blood, but a distinction of position, education and manners. By this usage, the test is no longer good birth or the right to bear arms, but the capacity to mingle on equal terms in good society. In its best use, moreover, gentleman involves a certain superior standard of conduct, due, to quote the 8th edition (of the Encyclopaedia Britannica) once more, to “that self-respect and intellectual refinement which manifest themselves in unrestrained yet delicate manners.”

In another sense, being a gentleman means treating others, especially women, in a respectful manner and not taking advantage or pushing others into doing things they choose not to do. The exception, of course, is to push one into something they need to do for their own good, as in a visit to the hospital, or pursuing a dream one has suppressed.

Another modern usage of gentleman- is as a prefix to another term to imply that a man has sufficient wealth and free time to pursue an area of interest without depending on it for his livelihood. So that’s what wikipedia says. No word about the Reform Club, Phileas Fogg, buttoned leather or cigars. As for the rest, every man should do his very best to be gentleman. And for the women? Ladies, please give us a chance. Don’t get out of the car before we open the door for you!