In the end, it’s actually not that simple. Only the naming was… the design was based on something we’ve done some years ago, a 44m concept we called ‘Basic Instinct’, since it was targeting man’s urge for speed.

The concept was proposed to be powered by 2 diesel engines and a central booster gas turbine, with all 3 engines being linked to water jets. The size doesn’t sound like much, but actually at that time it would not have been a small yacht either.

Fast forward to today and we have kept the propulsion, the planning hull, some lines and the idea of a sleek, low volume yacht with a raised pilot house. Back then we actually did raise the pilot house so far it became a pod towering over the sun deck.

Now, with the overall yacht stretched to 60m we re-visited that pilothouse idea and found that a simpler shape, pretty much like the sleek turret of a submarine, yet built much more transparent, would suit our concept much better. And it’s just raised half a deck above the sun deck, thus giving the captain still a great view around while also creating a nice access to the open deck through an elevated sky lounge.

The result? Still a lot of basic instincts, but more refined. Some added sense of purpose, you might call it the ‘German seriousness’…