Achievement & Frustration

Given the possibility that somebody has read that post about the Suzuki LJ80 (‘getting one’s hands dirty’) we believe it is our duty to report occasionally about the actual progress. Some say this would not be a wise thing to do, as it would look like our principle designer has gone mad…

“Truth is, however, that it’s the satisfaction that comes with picking up a few rusty bits and pieces once per week and hold them in your hands a few hours later, all clean and shiny and better than new, it’s what keeps me sane!”

We at coquine![design] believe that this might be a slight exaggeration, we believe that the designers do have all the fun working on all those amazing and exciting projects! Like Karl Lagerfeld said: “If you love your job, you don’t need holidays“.

And then of course Christian speaks about the frustration of the slow progress, about new difficulties appearing when one thinks all is already accounted for. It’s all good and well to call that ‘challenges’, but who wants to sail upwind all the time? Well, this just proves the designer’s philosophy that design isn’t just a job, it’s a state of mind. It’s not something you can leave on your desk for the next day. Design lives with you. So it’s not surprising that creative people have hobbies that look disturbingly similar to their work… Let’s just hope that Christian makes good progress soon. First of all, we want to see that Suzuki finished. And second, we just like to see Christian smiling.