It’s only fitting that we celebrate our 50th post with something rather special. You have seen us making bread and tinkering with that funny little car in the garage, but today we have a look at what Ana Yogui is doing when not being busy with her tasks in the studio.

Apart from being much more organised with the necessary paperwork and being the best researcher we know, she also creates these delightful little things called ‘amigurumi’ made in crochet. Crochet is a very interesting technique for doing clothes, hand bags and accessories and even jewellery (it’s actually possible to crochet not just yarn but even silver wire!), but it’s those roughly hand-size figures that really brighten one’s day and make us smile. We have to admit it, we can’t resist ‘cute’.

What sets Ana’s amigurumis apart is that they are different from the majority of crochet work. She’s doing yellow submarines, dogs on motorbikes, x-wings, cats travelling in balloons, pink elephants and foxy racing cars. We bet you haven’t seen anything like that!

Now obviously we don’t know how many visitors of the coquine![design] website know how to crochet, but for those who do, please follow the link on the right if you like to know more about Ana’s amigurumis. You can buy patterns there if you’re looking for a challenge (although we’ve heard her patterns aren’t really that difficult, but then again, for some of us crochet is a mystery..) Or you can ask Ana nicely to crochet it for you…