And Now: 2016

If we are not totally mistaken today is already the 3rd Monday of 2016. People say that this is generally the most depressing time of the year, because after the festive season these are the days when reality starts creeping in. As everybody knows, reality bites.

“I might be lucky though, because I just came back from travelling 2 days ago, so I’m too jet-lagged to feel the start-of-the-year depression. Or maybe it’s the temperature difference.”

We hope, however, that the traditional January-depression won’t come with a delay, because we expect 2016 to be a busy year and we have quite a few items on our to-do list already, so there really isn’t time for being under the weather. Pun intended. There is a smell of change in the air and though it’s technically still winter, we feel that we should do a bit of Spring cleaning. Finishing a few things that should be finished by now. Focus on what matters to us and get rid of anything that is holding us back. “These days I feel like getting flooded by negative news and elaborate articles about how to think positive regardless. But life is simpler than that. No instructions. Just a moment of calm. Breath. And when the thoughts that come to your mind make you smile, hold on to them.”

We are wishing everybody 2016 to be a year to enjoy, full of positive energy and smiles. And given that this is already the 3rd Monday (we mentioned that before, right?) there is no time to lose. Let’s get started now!