We know, this starts looking like our private holiday photo album. But we promise we’ll try to make up a plausible story why this is all relevant to our work…

Just kidding. First, we know that you know how inspiration works. And secondly, it’s all about work hard, play hard. We obviously didn’t work hard enough for a week in Bali, but we did earn ourselves a long weekend in Andalusia. We would have loved to add a day or two on the beach, maybe Tarifa. Well, it didn’t quite work out, so with a bit of careful planning we settled on Granada and Cordoba. Okay, churches, mesquitas and castles. We can do that.

Another reason for our choice was the fact that even though we lived 5 years in Mallorca we never returned to Spain again for holidays. It’s not that we didn’t like Spain. Quite the opposite! But somehow we travelled to Italy more often: Calabria, Sardegna, Roma… So it was time to re-visit the Iberian peninsular and see if we still felt at home (in the widest sense).

We will not bore you with details you can read in the travel guides. Or wax about how magical the places are. They are.  “Incidentally” explains Christian “I mastered the skill of taking photos using a proper SLR while with the other hand holding our junior team member (age 2 1/2) in my arm.”

Oh, and before we forget, We hope you like our holiday snapshots!