Another MYS

“We had good talks this year and some promising leads” tells Christian Leyk after returning from this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. “It’s time for some good news after all. 2014 hasn’t been the best year so far (for various reasons), but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t end on a high note. Of course, we all just know in the weeks or months after the show if the conversations we had will actually be leading to new projects, but generally I have a good feeling. We have done a lot of useful networking, sooner or later this should come to fruition.”

It is said that the 4 days of the Monaco Yacht Show are just perfect. Any day shorter and you’d run out of time, any day longer and the busy days and short nights will kill you (but we say that every year!). Maybe this year a fifth day would have been nice, because quite often you’ll find yourself in the situation where you’d like to dive deeper into a good conversation. Too often we just rush past each other, everybody on his way to the next meeting, exchanging a short ‘good to see you, let’s catch up later’. Well, we know how well that works.

Now, over a week after the show, back in the UK and back to some rather dreadful autumn storms. We finally finished doing all the follow ups and just recovered from the lack of sleep. It’s time to do some work…