Usually we wouldn’t present stair cases as stand-alone items. Usually they would be part of a larger interior context.

But then again, stair cases, particularly spiral ones and particularly those that are free standing are without doubt very sculptural objects. And in this case we simply worked out the stair design without adding too much context. Yes, for the purpose of the rendering it’s not hovering in space, we added a bit of background. But, we didn’t even decide whether this should be done for a yacht or a land-based residential project. So you see, there’s a good reason for presenting this as a a stair case.

You can see of course that we have been inspired by some of the work we’ve done in the past. Particularly those ‘wagon wheels’ in floor and ceiling are quite a Ken Freivokh trademark, ever since he introduced it to the Maltese Falcon. There, the stairs were running around one of the vessel’s masts. In other instances, the centre was occupied by a circular glass elevator, which in itself is a fairly cool feature. 

This time, we reduced the foot print a little bit, so this would fit into smaller yachts, but we still wanted to keep the drama of the ‘cork screw’ when you look up or down the centre. And we figured this would work best when we keep the curves running as smoothly as possible, with a constant climb rather than interrupting it at each level. We think it would make a nice feature, wherever you’d want to use it!