Inspired by the amazing timepieces of Erwin Sattler in Munich, whose clocks and nautical instruments can be found aboard quite a few exceptional yachts, amongst those the 88m sailing yacht Maltese Falcon, coquine![design] developed a cutting edge coffee table with the clockmaker’s Tempus Mobile Atlantis featured as a centre piece.

The table, Atlantis In Balance, takes clues from the precision and intricacy of the clocks; carbon fibre, stainless steel and glass form an almost weightless unit while the necessary rigidity is achieved by linking the elements into a 3-dimensional network.

Christian Leyk of coquine![design]: “We’d imagine this coffee table being the focus of the upper deck salon , sitting on a skylight which could link to the dining area below, thus creating an amazing ceiling feature, too. The Tempus Mobile Atlantis really looks like a jewel that deserves an appropriate mounting. It is gimballed and features a heeling indicator, so it is the perfect accessory for any modern styled yacht. Actually, it’s almost like something you would expect coming from a different galaxy, so we wanted to capture this aspect, too. Hopefully nobody will mistake it for a piece of art, you can still use it for putting your cocktail glass down…”

If you, like us, appreciate true masterpieces of mechanical engineering and craftsmanship or simply want to find out more about the Tempus Mobile, please follow the link on the right to the clockmaker’s website.