Rear Window

To make a few things clear to begin with: Our life is not directed my Alfred Hitchcock, nobody broke a leg, we’re not stalking neighbours and to our knowledge nobody has been killed in the neighbourhood lately.

But we do actually like the view out of our rear window. This area of Valencia is build in a kind of grid with the buildings arranged in square blocks (with chamfered corners, making each junction of streets an octagon). There are no large yards to the back, as the ground level is usually built up. Supermarkets in this area for example have 2 entrances, spanning from one street to the next. 

Obviously, the front of the buildings are much nicer and most people would consider the backs outright ugly. Well, they certainly have a point. But when it comes to the view out of the window, we practically just see the opposite building when we look out of the front windows. We may step on the balcony and then we can watch life in the street or we can look up to the sky. in the rear, as you can see, we have a very different scenario and we see a lot more sky. And we think it’s amazing how the light at different times of the day and the weather can transform the view again and again. It really doesn’t need a murder mystery to make this world outside our rear window exciting…