Beautiful, Terrible Italy

“Apologies, my bad.” admits Christian Leyk. “Sometimes it’s just too easy to get carried away with the daily work that you forget to stop, reflect and do the things that actually matter to you… in reality there always is enough time but I suppose it does take making an effort, too. A little bit of discipline never harms!”

Writing regular posts on this website might not be the most important task for the team of coquine![design], but communicating with clients, friends, colleagues and whoever wants to follow us does matter to us. So we will start updating this place more regularly again and we will do a bit of catching up, as this year has been an interesting one so far. In short, we are still not exactly where we want to be, but we are getting closer. More about this in the next couple of posts we promise to publish over the next few days.

But talking about ‘where we want to be’… we’ve just enjoyed a short break in Italy, Sardinia to be precise. It’s a lovely calm place, particularly off-season, with miles of deserted beaches, quaint little towns and characterful rough edges compared to other places in Italy. We didn’t get non-stop 30 degrees and spotless blue skies, but we did get ice cream, dramatic sunsets and the mild Mediterranean air. We certainly refuelled our batteries.

“And we returned to the United Kingdom, to 9 degrees and rain…. and to the question why on earth didn’t we just stay a bit longer. Or maybe much longer?”

Jokes aside, we are taking this opportunity to revisit our ideas of where we see ourselves in the not so far future. Talking with people who we believe are on the same wavelength as we are, developing our concept of creating the creative hub further. And obviously, we are talking about locations, too. Again, more about this soon…