The Best Park

… in London. Definitely. In our opinion. And that’s not just because it’s practically on our door steps.

Battersea Park is really different from most other parks in London. And certainly different from those places called ‘Greens’, which, as it’s written on the package, are just that: A more or less large green spot with a couple of trees for good measure. So it’s not looking quite so naked. Don’t get us wrong, greens are better than no greens. Some are indeed quite nice. They also have the advantage that they’re always open.

Battersea Park on the other hand is a place that you need to discover. It has various different areas, including a lake, a subtropical garden, a winter garden and an old English garden. It has fountains, flower beds, a bowling green, lots of trees, a band stand and a Buddist pagoda. Of course, there’s also enough open space for all sorts of activities from football to rugby and cricket. Sometimes the fun fair stops by. And for any other time there are 2 playgrounds the really deserve that name. Really cool playgrounds with swings and slides and things you can climb. Don’t just take our word for it, just ask our junior designer! 

What did we miss? Cafes? Check. Ice cream? Check. Squirrels? Lots of them. Film crews? Constantly, it’s one of London’s favourite locations. Mini Golf? Check (not tested) The zoo though (yes, there’s even a zoo!) does need a bit of improving…

Furthermore, Battersea Park always changes throughout the year, so there’s always something new to discover. So that’s why we decided to add the park to our ever growing list of favourite places in the world.