Blowing Up The Town

Before we begin, we don’t know how the story ends. We do know, however, that this event has a very long tradition and, so far, Valencia never burned down. At least not to our knowledge.

The event is called ‘Las Fallas’ and happens every year in March. It seems it’s the biggest event in the calendar, making it more ‘important’ than Christmas and Easter. It practically lasts most part of the month and it involves decorating the streets, having parades similar to other countries’ carnival parades (well, maybe not quite as exuberant as Rio De Janeiro or the notting Hill Carnival, but it’s nice and vey kids-friendly) and various street parties throughout the city.

It seemingly involves eating Churros, as there are stands selling that and hot chocolate and other sweet stuff at every second street corner. 

But the most important parts are fire and noise. Lots of noise. Actually, ear-splitting earth-shaking noise. Because the Valencians love fire works. Yes, the do like the pretty pyrotechnical displays in the night sky, too. But most of all the love the noise it makes. So, to begin with, every day at noon they have a big bang event on the square in front of the town hall that can be heard for kilometres (and felt in the belly, too). And then they have fire work events in various hot spots in the city. It’s a bit like those Brazilian carnival schools, clubs that are established for the organisation of those traditional events. Well, we found out that we are actually located right between 2 of these spots, and we had a very good view from our balcony.

It’s actually quite nice when after a while the ringing in the ear ceases….

The next step would be that in those places they would build the Ninots. These are towering high installations, originally made from paper and wood, though nowadays it also involves styrofoam. oh well… They’re quite cool and elaborate. And at the end of Las Fallas they will burn them. However, that’s just something we could read about or watch on Youtube, as we know know that 2020 took a rather off turn in March and Valencia turned from super loud to zero from one day to the next. But that’s another story…

We’re of course looking forward to next year when hopefully we can enjoy that whole of las Fallas from beginning to end.