One of the hottest markets at the moment involves fast Open (or hard-top) motor yachts in the range of 80 to 120 feet. A whole range of manufacturers currently tries to enter this section, challenging the establishes names like Mangusta, Pershing or Sunseeker.

No other yacht type delivers the idea of fun, speed and outdoor living better than these sleek beauties. Equipped with powerful engines, water jets or surface drives, sunbeds, a bar, some well laid out cabins and a handful of flatscreens they have everything you can ask for to enjoy a day or a weekend on the water.

With the Bluphire, coquine![design] wants to offer a next step of refinement. By adding a few feet more in order to optimise the hull’s performance rather than to maximise it’s interior volume for example. Or by fine tuning the layout to allow for more flexibility, better crew movement and a ‘loft-like’ living area under deck. Or by creating a true ‘glass house’ that re-defines the idea of indoor/outdoor living. Great attention has been put into details like the use of glass for natural illumination, a new lighting system, innovative doors and the use of new and unexpected materials, to name but a few, in order to give the discerning yacht owner a brand new yachting experience. Probably a bit more expensive than the other Opens around, but definitely not like the others….