A Brand New Monaco Yacht Show Experience

Has everybody already recovered from the Monaco Yacht Show? How about your feet?

For those 4 days Monaco is undoubtably the centre of the yachting universe. Love it or hate it, it’s in everybody’s calendar, for party and for business. And if you miss it, people might ask if you’re still alive. Yet it always strikes us how unimpressed Monaco seems to be by us yacht folks. And nowhere is this better illustrated than at the swimming pool, dead in the centre of the show, where life continues rather unfazed by the circus surrounding it.

For us, of course, this must have been the most special Monaco Yacht Show ever. Apart probably from the first time, but that has been already a while ago. Fact is, we came to this odd yachting family reunion again and again, having fun, meeting friends, having a few drinks, had countless good conversations and even looked at a few yachts. Admittedly, we enjoyed the convenience and luxury that we were always in the lucky position of coming as part of a team or representing a design studio. Which means that although we did of course hope that we would have that one conversation where somebody would ask us to design a yacht for him, there was no harm done if it didn’t happen.

This time we were for the first time flying our own flag. And finding a client, a project or making a good connection that would lead to work wasn’t a bonus, it was a necessity . No pressure.

Like every year though it’ll take a while to find out how successful we were. And in the meantime we’ll allow our feet to recover. Or not, but that’s another story….