We have to admit that we do like exploring structures like this: Taking simple geometric shapes like extrusions or rotated surfaces, find the intersections, rotate again… By interlocking them 3-dimensionally we achieve great strength from otherwise seemingly fragile elements.

The latest result of such exercise is this ‘bird’s nest’ table with is made up of 3 x 3 clamps and a top ring structure, locked together with strategically placed connection bolts. Despite their intricate shapes, the clamps don’t intersect in any place. Even the glass top isn’t simply dropped on top but rather being held in place like a precious stone with 6 clips.

Christian Leyk: “It feels a little bit like a very sophisticated mounting for an imaginary diamond!” Does it do anything more than a normal 4-legged table would do? Probably not. But we didn’t set out to re-invent the wheel (we will do so with our next table concept, we promise!). We just thought it’s looking amazing and would make a great centre piece in your dining room or on the breakfast terrace.