“I heard some designers are so busy, they never have time to do speculative work. I even heard rumours there are some who never felt the urge to just sketch something occasionally for no particular reason. I don’t know how they do it – or rather not do it – I think I’d probably explode if I wouldn’t release some creative steam every now and again. Even when I’m inundated with work…”

Rightly or wrongly, we assume that most creative people simply are like that. They don’t just sit and wait for somebody to come along and tell them what to do.

So this is how we ended up with this new concept study, called ‘Steam-8′. She’s more or less 80 metres long, based on an narrow fast displacement full for efficient long distant cruising at an reasonable speed. Volume-wise she’s probably closer to a 50 meter vessel, but that should be enough for all the create comforts the discerning owner and up to 8 guests could ask for. You can expect a good side beach club with gym, a useful selection of tenders in the garage and a private owner’s deck aft of the bridge.

The exterior styling is probably best described as a modern twist of classic art deco shapes and lines, like a mix between a steam strain and the Chrysler Building. There’s a certain richness and playfulness, yet at the same time the design is surprisingly disciplined, following clear geometric rules. We might be biased, but we think she turned out rather sexy. It would be up to her future owner whether or not the interior would follow the scheme, but we would certainly have a few ideas about it!