Classics From Brazil

“A short while ago a friend of mine did write an interesting post on LinkedIn with regards to that never ending thread of posts demanding that LinkedIn should not be like Facebook.”

Christian Leyk continues, “We both agreed that LinkedIn is primarily a professional network, so maybe this really isn’t the place post a picture of your breakfast or blurry shots of some wild night-out. (Having said that, I’m not quite sure that posting said blurry shots on Facebook is that smart either). However, and contrary to the supporters of the ‘LinkedIn ≠ Facebook’ movement, we believe that even professional networking is ultimately networking between people and, as such, should remain diverse, fun and personal. We believe there is a place for posting pictures of classic sports cars, cool places and lovely landscapes and we won’t be offended about anybody announcing the newest member of their family. Personally I don’t need that many instructions about how to live a more happy life, but then again, I don’t need to read about it. If I cannot find the content I want to read in my newsfeed, maybe I should just start creating it?

My bottom line is, as long as we can stay clear of all the negativity and wars between ideologies of all kinds that spreads like cancer on Facebook I’m cool to roll with it.”

So, in an attempt of keeping LinkedIn a little bit less professional (and as a reminder that it’s really about people connecting to people) we decided to post some holiday snapshots from our recent trip to Brazil.

“I promised my friend to post some pictures of classic cars. Since I don’t entertain the idea of posting just stuff I found on the internet I decided to take pictures myself. I was travelling in Brazil just recently, so the obvious choice was the Volkswagen Beetle – or, as they call it there ‘Fusca’ – and its air-cooled relatives. You can still see quite a few of them around and Brazilians do find it funny that foreigners, particularly Germans, get so excite about them. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a picture of the most mythical of them all, the infamous Variant. Maybe next time…”