Dale Chihuly

When we wrote about our visit(s) to Kew Gardens we wrote about all the amazing nature and we mentioned the stunning greenhouses. Actually, we so much would love to have a greenhouse ourselves. No, not the little garden shed version. The real deal, made in cast iron and big enough for a grown up jungle inside.

What we didn’t mention was that we also encountered the breathtaking glass art of the American sculptor Dale Chihuly. The first time we had seen his work was in the entrance hall of the Victoria & Albert museum and we were just blown away by it’s beauty. Here, in Kew Gardens, we found various examples of his art, both inside the greenhouses and scattered in the landscape. What can we say? We love it. 

We won’t claim to be super knowledgable about the contemporary art scene. We get an idea that one might have to invest a medium size fortune to own one of Chihuly’s pieces. Well, we we would have the funds available, we would gladly pay it, because simply said, looking at them makes us happy. 

To us, that’s sometimes the most relevant way art can affect us.