So we woke up with this idea, some lines that we encountered in our dreams. We were thinking, well, we should try and see where it will lead us. That’s what the rabbit hole is all about!

You might of course ask now, what kind of weird or funny dream that was, that would lead us to this slightly unusual design for a 39m motor yacht. You know of course that we at coquine![design] always enjoy questioning established patterns.In the end, it always comes down to the same questions: Why. And why not.

First, we look at what has been done before. And we ask ‘why’, to figure out what determined the design of what is around. We believe in evolution rather than revolution, at least most of the times. Things do have certain shapes that have been established over time. Wrong designs usually don’t survive for long. So there’s reason why something looks the way it does. On the other hand, sometimes it leads to things being a certain way simply because it had been done like that before. So, while there’s no reason to burn the old drawings, it’s always a good starting point to ask ‘why’ first.

And then we come to the more exciting question… why not? That’s when we come across new ideas.

Now there’s only one question that still needs answering… what were we dreaming of? “I swear I don’t really remember, but it could have something to do with Flash Gordon, Ming The merciless and the stunning Ornella Muti. Oh, and no, nobody dispatched Warlock and Ajax. The original line from the movies was ‘Dispatch War Rocket Ajax, to bring back his body.”