Doing Nothing

Now here’s something you probably won’t expect to read on a professional website, ultimately designed to attract business: We enjoy being lazy.

It seems so obvious, the word ‘business’ seems to have something to do with ‘being busy’. Which of course is a good thing, as we like being busy, too. Dreaming up new designs for our clients. Being creative and being involved in all those exciting projects, liaising with suppliers, negotiating with yards, developing ideas together with our clients. Keeping our eyes and ears open for new trends and fashions and whatever inspires us. Being a designer isn’t so much a job but rather a way of life – there are times when we call it a curse, too, but that’s another matter altogether!

Fact is, design never stops and neither do we as active members of this profession. However, like ying and yang, one extreme cannot exist without its opposite, we must always seek balance to be complete. In order to keep going, one needs to stop from time to time. Really, truly and honestly stop. The funny thing however is, stopping is actually a very demanding and active task. It’s not like switching on the TV, stopping is not a distraction. So we can listen to music for example. Or sit down, having a coffee. Or watch clouds passing by.

Whatever your way and however you like doing it, you must focus, just as much as you would when concentrating on your work. You will find it’s actually not as easy as it sounds… Talking about coffee though… we just added something new to our portfolio section!