Some Sketching…

Nothing new really, this is just a little reminder that even in the times of powerful computers and breathtaking 2D and 3D software pencil and paper and to carry your sketching tools wherever you go still are the essential basics no designer should live without. Christian Leyk: “Thanks for the reminder… Besides, when it comes to choosing my tools, I’m rather non-discriminating. Sometimes I just open a new document in Photoshop or do some random lines in CAD…”

When it comes to creating a new layout for a yacht, the choice might be understandable. Using pre-defined elements and pushing them around the canvas is like a constant reality-check. “This way, I’m not fooling myself. From the first line to the finished layout I make sure that things really work.”

So, what about exteriors or details? “I usually have a rough idea in my head. Sometimes I quickly sketch it, scan it and take it from there. But sometimes I just do it in the computer. Quickly put some colour on it, some highlights… when I’m happy with the effect the design starts taking a new level of life, it’s as if it starts developing by itself… Same goes for 3D work. You do some basic shape, turn it, see it from another angle and suddenly the next step, the next element to add or the next curve simply jumps at me.

Of course, there are times, too when all my computer does is providing the background music while I’m grabbing my ball pen and a piece of paper…”