When we approach a new project, one of the things we like to do is walk away. For a day.

We then clear our mind, forget all the parameters we set out initially, maybe even forget what we put down on a list of things we believed would be important to the client… in other words, set out to do it all wrong. Nevertheless, it’s a very important exercise. It’s not because we believe that ignoring important import and just being doing what we’d like to do we would achieve a better result (this might occasionally happen, though) but because this way we evaluate the initial approach and then either find it confirmed or, more likely, find out what we need to do to make it better.

What you see here is this crazy free second shot. Hundred-and-something metres, 3 masts (the curved, highly profiled masts hopefully will make it into the next step), ginormous overhangs front and aft which probably better should be left to J-Class beauties, lots of glass and elaborate shapes…

But we swear that it’s all do-able, there’s no unoptanium involved and it should not cause the engineers more than the usual yacht-business nightmares. That’s why we decided to show it here, because sometimes the wild second shot deserves the spotlight, too. The one we call ‘Anotherday’.