Early Works

The other day we were looking in our archive for some older drawings (see also our latest portfolio entry: ‘Das Boot’) when we came across some ‘vintage’ drawings and water colours… So we thought it would be entertaining to show here a few examples of what kept Christian Leyk busy 20 years ago.

“The little rally bug was probably a better example… usually I was doodling cars with too big wheels, too short wheel base and enormous ground clearance. Apart from that I was sketching pretty much everything that came to my mind, boats, submarines, space ships and every now and then, inevitably, girls.

‘Apple & Seduction’ was a highschool project while the other water colours were done when I was attending an evening art course. I guess I don’t need to mention that I was the youngest in the course and the only one adding unicorns and cars to the scenery… I also remember that while other students liked doodling on the side margin of their school notebooks, I sometimes used the margin for writing and occupied the bigger space with my artwork. If I’ll find one of the old notebooks I’ve kept I might scan a page or two…”