99 Metres Of Nostalgia meets State Of The Art. Of course, the good old times never have been as good as we see them now in the movies.

But there certainly was some kind of elegance that designers nowadays struggle to achieve. Yet, we are dreaming of things that never existed before: Imagine a yacht, almost 100 meters long, with a proud, almost vertical bow, with wide side decks that invite you for a stroll and that don’t limit the space where you put your deck chair to the aft terrace. Imagine an elegant elongated hull with sensual curves like nothing you’ve ever seen in the marinas of the world. A funnel that signals: This is a ship, not a boat. The term ‘loft on the water’ lately has been well over-used, so imagine a stunning art deco penthouse overlooking the illuminated streets of Manhattan. Except of course, you can park your penthouse not only in the Hudson River but in all the other exciting locations around the world, too.