A long time ago, Christian Leyk was just returning from the Monaco Yacht Show where he saw the famous ‘Maltese Falcon’ introduced to the world. It was a very impressive yacht (and it still is), sporting the unique dyna rig. It motivated Christian to send an email to the designer, Ken Freivokh, congratulating him to his amazing work. And then he added the little remark that it would probably take a little while to ‘get his head around that rig’.

There is no doubt, the Falcon’s mast are fairly fat, compared to the more traditional rigs. Well, they are, after all, un-stayed, and they have to do some cool things. Like, rotating. In return you have a highly usable rig that can be managed with a small crew. Still. it took a while of getting used to it.

Did that remark go down well? It must have, because it resulted in Christian working with Ken for the following 10 years.

And in the meantime we did get involved in the design of the second dyna rig yacht in the world, the Black Pearl. We also sketched some for our own portfolio. But when we sat down with the intention of trying a couple of new lines and to add a new sailing yacht design to this portfolio, we came again to the old conclusion. Practicality aside, we still prefer the good old fashioned schooner rig.