Eisenses. I sense music. How compatible is ‘iPod’ with ‘audiophile’? And how visible should music be?

Well, there isn’t really one answer to these questions, and as usual it all depends on personal taste anyway. However, we don’t believe that an invisible ‘music on demand’ system with hundreds of speakers strategically distributed and hidden completely out of view (behind ceiling panels that according to the manufacturer just hide the equipment but not the sound) is the one solution. Yes, it’s ideal to provide a perfect music background to whatever you do and wherever you are in the room. It’s pretty convenient, too, because all your music is just a few clicks away on the universal remote control (next to air-conditioning, lights and video on demand…)

However, how about those people that call themselves ‘audiophile’, those old fashioned music lovers that prefer to sit down in their favourite listening chair, relax, focus and press ‘play’? And then of course there are those who just think that a well designed system just looks too good to be hidden away. The warm glow of a valve amplifier. The imposing architecture of a pair of speakers, not to mention the pleasure to open your CD collection and pick the music of your choice. Some of you might even remember the amazing Nakamishi unidirectional auto-reverse tape decks in the Eighties (featured in 9 1/2 weeks…) or the B & W Emphasis, the sexiest pair of speakers ever made?

But we don’t want to dwell in nostalgic feelings. We want to take all that is cool and sexy about a visible audio system and bring it together with the convenience of having 10000 songs always available with you on your iPad or iPhone.There are debates whether or not this digital devices can technically compete with CDs or even records, but we’ll ignore that question and move on to the amplifier and the speakers. And suggesting that they actually can be the centre piece of your living room again. Together with your favourite lazy chair.