Everything Changes

“I wasn’t quite sure if this post should go under ‘news’ or ‘portfolio’. Some people congratulated me, saying ‘well done’, so I was tempted to write about him as our recently launched design…”

“And then there was the question what to write or whether or not I should write at all. But since I’m already in the middle of it, let’s get started with the basics. His name is Gabriel and he arrived last Thursday with a clear mission of turning our lives upside down. We are all well, healthy and over-the-moon happy. And lacking some sleep.

I heard that it will get better eventually. In a few years. maybe.

But that’s okay. I think we will get used to it. What matters is the feeling of being amazed about this little create suddenly and with a lot of confidence taking centre stage. And that’s a feeling I’m not planning to get use to any time soon. Right now I could just sit and watch Gabriel exploring facial expressions and what looks like fairly complicated yoga poses. Until, of course, he demands attention again because he wants to be fed or have his nappies changed.

You can see I’ve already started talking about topics that have been totally alien to me not so long ago. Incidentally, I realised that the world can be divided into two groups of people. Those who have children and those who don’t but therefore do know much better how to raise them. Well, I obviously have changed sides. There is no knowing… you’d have to make it up as you go along. So while little Gabriel has just started to learn about the world around him, Ana and I are learning about the world with him in it.

It is therefore fair to say that pretty much everything has changed since last Thursday, the world looks like a very different place from what it was before. And boy! That feels good. Because there’s enough bad news out there, enough worries, and in the age of social media I have the feeling people indulge in negativity and controversy more than ever before. (Incidentally, I already became so much happier just by logging out from Facebook). I’m not saying that we should hide in a rose-tinted lala-land. I’m saying there is so much good and amazing and beautiful in the world and there are good news to share.

And in that respect, nothing has really changed. It’s not just that we love what we’re doing, it is love that makes us doing it. It always has been my motivation as a designer to make this world a bit more colourful and a bit more happy, I want to inspire people to create a better place for us, our children and for future generations. To quote John Lennon, ‘you may say I’m a dreamer…’

Now, with Gabriel in our life, this all makes more sense than ever before.”