Everything always changes. The world changes and the way we look at it changes, too. Everything is in motion… but this is not about nostalgia. This is not about the good old times..

At coquine![design] we welcome change. After all, creativity causes change and creativity is what we are all about. Our mission is to change grey into colour, change a frown into a smile, make this world a nicer place. Admittedly, we have always been dreamers, and that’s the one thing that we will not change. We will stay true to who we are.

“I was looking for a graphic to illustrate this post”
says Christian Leyk, ” and I came across some old images and sketches and some screenshots of my first website, some 15 years ago (or more even). And I looked at them and I thought, how funny! In a way they are not that different after all. What was true then is still true now… so I decided to take this submarine (which did cross the old website by means of an animated gif!) and use it in the header of this post.”

But what is it all about? Well, nothing really new, except for the fact that we wanted to remind ourselves that there’s more to design than yachts. And that we do take all our crazy ideas serious, because, to us they are our babies. We like to see than growing up. And that means we do put our efforts behind them to make it happen….