First Yacht Sightings

Slowly, while the scaffoldings are still up, we are already starting to populate the portfolio section with the first yacht projects. If you like to have a look you’ll find some quite different concepts:

The huge 99 metre Eight-Zero-Zero, bringing back the golden era of fast and elegant ocean liners. Tigress and Bluphire, two very contemporary open performance yachts. And, talking about ‘performance’, if you’re interested in speed, maybe the 128ft Tomahawk might be just what you’re looking for. It’s a yacht, but it’s based on offshore racing catamarans. 2 gas turbines and surface drives should allow for a speed of 70 knots.

Last but certainly not least there is Espada Volante, which is a refit concept which was developed for the 47 metre minesweeper ‘Castor’, a magnificent Abeking & Rasmussen thoroughbred!

Shortly, we shall add more yachts to our portfolio, and then there are a few other projects, too. Oh, and talking about scaffoldings! We are still getting familiar with the looks, functions and features of the new website. There’s still a bit of learning and experimenting involved, but we hope that soon it will look all nice and shiny. Enjoy!