First of all, what is a gentleman’s cruiser? How can it be defined, and how does it differ from any other large displacement yacht?

It’s easy to imagine that the interior might be different. Let’s say, a little bit more traditional, but not necessarily like a traditional yacht interior. Calm, but without the zen. Maybe even a little bit less casual. Sophisticated but not showy. With a library, where somebody would actually sit and read. And with a bar that is more similar to Harry’s New York Bar rather than a nightclub in Ibiza. Flying B was drawn as a yacht that would reflect this concept on the outside, using classical elements such as the elegant sheer line and a powerful bow combined with new and unexpected details to redefine timelessness.

But, between the trendy loft and the minimalist oasis on one side and the temples of glamorous indulgence, is there still a place for dark wood, sumptuous buttoned leather and a glass of port? At coquine![design] we believe so.