Follow Us, Please

“Do you think that people might find it confusing when they look at the page of a design studio and find all a whole lot more than just the pictures and illustrations of our designs? Maybe we should explain…?“

It way sound like a warning when we say that we do take things personally, but actually, it’s a promise. Design is after all a very personal matter, both for the client as well as for the designer. And while any good designer knows how to distinguish between his professional verdict and his private views, we at coquine![design] acknowledge (admit?) the fact that the result of the creative process is most satisfactory when the designer as a person stands 100% behind his product.

And while we are already busy admitting, here’s another confession. We’re pretty romantic. We do what we’re doing because we like to make the world a bit more colourful. Not just for the client who’s building a yacht we have drawn. Or the person who buys a product we designed. We are also doing it for whoever reads a yacht magazine and starts dreaming of a glamorous world, far away from his own. Or the people curious about what’s going on in the weird and wonderful world of design.

So, we thought, wouldn’t it be nice if all of these people can visit our website and look at pictures and read what’s going on? In the design studio. Or maybe even the designer’s head?

“I think now you’re going a little bit too far!”

The bottom line is, it’s not really important why you just came to have a look. If you’re planning to build a yacht, we are certainly looking forward to hear from you. If you just like our designs, we’re flattered. If you’re looking for a new bread recipe.. well, there are better websites for that, but please, be our guest! If you want to know what a designer does when he doesn’t design: Tough luck, we always design! And if you wonder why you’re looking at the picture of a cat: His name’s Tommy and he’s part of the family. But he’s really not good with Photoshop, so you won’t read about him on the ‘About Us’ page…