For Advances Travellers

Obviously, this reflects bad on us… the Westener, who knows that food comes from a supermarket and it’s neatly packed and it comes with an expiry date. All very orderly. We do know of course about butchers and markets. When we travel we like to visit markets. Real markets, not the ones where they sell leather belts and fake handbags to the tourists. We love markets, they are so picturesque and colourful. Bursting with exotic fruits and vegetables… So wonderful to look at.

As you probably already expected, we’re not like that (but claiming so doesn’t make us look better either, does it?). We love markets, both at home and abroad. And he like buying things there, for various reasons. First of all we like to support local business. Secondly, we believe things are simply fresher. And if you can’t find it on your local market, you know it’s not the season. Simple.

Obviously, we also like the atmosphere. It’s about people. We always prefer people and even if we don’t speak the language we still prefer to communicate with people rather than with an electronic cashier.

One more thing that we often forget, things might look different to us, but they are normality for others. In fact, to them our lifestyle might actually look weird or funny or exotic. But we do have to admit it… buying fish or meat at the central market in Siem Reap in Cambodia would still be a different level for us. You think we should try?