Even though it might look very different, this concept study was inspired by those mad and wonderful masterpieces of the late Sixties and Seventies by the hands of Bertone, Pininfarina or Giugiaro. Lots of transparency, prominent wheel houses and crazy details.

Well, to be really honest, it’s actually more inspired even by those mad and wonderful creations by the hands of the nameless designers of Matchbox cars, of which we indeed do still own a handful.

Squilla mixes super car elements with the chunkiness of a SUV, but by lowering it down and enclosing the passengers with a light and airy glass house it turns school mum’s rolling castle into a modern beach bug interpretation.

And since we all know that the city is the real jungle, Squilla comes with with a hydraulic suspension for some little lift when needed, 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering. Just don’t expect rocket launchers, it’s not the Batmobile!