The name ‘Trace’ was what was left over when removing the wheel and playing with the words ‘three-wheeler’ and ‘race’. Come to think about it, a lot of interesting things happen when removing something.

Thanks to Morgan, the the 3-Wheeler is becoming fashionable again. And we’re not talking about little Italian min-vans or funny ‘roll-over’ Reliant Robins. We’re not talking about cost saving by removing expensive parts, the 3-wheelers have long enough been the domain of obscure British kit car builders. We are, instead, talking about adding fun to the equation by taking away anything but the essentials. Essentially.

What is left of course is as much eccentricity as can be possibly street legal. We believe the most interesting market for cars like these are people that enjoy expensive toys (rather than having them for status and prestige). People that can afford spending a lot of money for very little, provided it ticks the desirability box. Having said that, we would expect these little country road delights not being over the top expensive, but admittedly, while they probably will steal the show parked to a much more expensive Ferrari, they won’t give its owner quite the same ‘look who I am’ air.

In other words, it’s not for the millionaire that parks his yacht in the first row in Monaco, it’s for the one that just finished his round-the-world trip.

There would of course be the other 3-wheeler market. Lower price, more customers. Maybe even the one that will try to bargain you down because the fourth wheel is missing. It’s hard to say in business terms what concept would be more profitable for a manufacturer. Truth is, we do fancy stuff. With passion. So who’s with us?