Full Steam Ahead

“I believe in espresso.” Well, that’s probably a funny thing to say, but what Christian wants to say is that occasionally one does need a bit of pressure (8-10 bar, to be precise) to get the desirable results.

So, in order to create that extra incentive to achieve what we want to achieve, here’s our (late) resolutions for 2015. Just so at the end of the year you can point your finger at us and tell us that we didn’t tick it all off the list. But then again, because we don’t like the idea of anybody pointing that finger, we will tick it off the list.

In the meantime we would be eternally thankful if anybody would invent the 48 hour day!

  • Finish Christian’s LJ80 project. He did come a long way, but there’s the saying ‘90% done, 90% still to go. It looks pretty complete, but the devil is in the details. Nevertheless, before the year is over, the Suzuki will be running.
  • Forgotten, Not Forgiven. And not finished yet, either. We figured the format, so it’s down to discipline and making time to finish our non-vampire story.
  • Build Trace. “When I was a student in high school I had a bet with a friend about me building a car. I’m not quite sure about the details of this bet – I remember faintly that it included a dinner in a Michelin-star awarded restaurant – but turning the three-wheeler from a pretty cool looking concept into a real car is this year’s focus. Well, that time frame might be a bit tight, but by December I would see the project well under way with a clear idea about when the prototype will be presented to the petrolheads of this world”
  • Put coquine![design] on the map. Enough said…

“The pressure in on. Anything over 6 hours sleep per day is luxury anyway.”