When it comes to exterior design of large yachts, designers are often tempted to create statements. There’s nothing wrong with that, because yachts are of course statements in one way or the other.

Interiors are a different story. Interiors are complex and multi-layered, from setting the stage for a fancy party to creating a cozy home away from home or simply the family holiday. Maybe making it the owner’s escape from day to day business. Or the better place to conduct his business from. And then there is smooth crew movement and all the other requirements when welcoming owner and guests on board.

That is not to say the exterior would not reflect all of the above as well. But sometimes, the design already ticks all the boxes just by being ‘nice’. And we think that is okay, too.

Take for example this 101m motor yacht ‘Laika’… drawn particularly for the charter market, designed to meet PYC regulations and constructed for smooth and economic operation around the world. She comes with everything you’d expect, from beach club to helicopter landing, sleeps 36 guests and offers everything required from elaborate dinner party to a fun weekend in the sun. ‘Laika’ isn’t quite as owner-focused as other yachts of her size (there’s still a VIP deck though) but rather makes sure everybody has a great time on board. Why we call her ‘Laika’? Well, we just thought it’s a nice name.