Happy Snapper

It might sound obvious, but things are not always that easy for the creative mind: it’s not all about work!

We’re not talking about holidays this time though, or travelling to beautiful and inspiring places. Can’t say we’re not tempted, but currently there’s no time for that. So let’s talk about the little escapes…

“I’ve treated myself to a new camera. As long as I remember myself as a person I enjoyed taking pictures. It used to be an expensive hobby as even with a cheap camera needed feeding films and these films needed developing and printing. Very different times now and you can take really cool pictures with your phones. But it’s not the same. Even in the digital age there is some magic in taking photos with a proper camera. Aperture, exposure. Field of depth. Composition. Optical zoom. Switching lenses. And even the weight of your equipment that gives your action some gravity.

Grabbing the camera bag becomes a mini holiday break. It’s still me doing something creative, but it’s different and for the moment I can just switch off and focus. Literally.”

It is said that if you love what you’re doing, you don’t need holidays. That’s nonsense. But sometimes a really short escape does the trick, too!

“Some people say that a designer is an artist. I disagree. Design and art are two very different things. But that’s not to say that a creative person can’t be both. Actually, I think a designer should (occasionally) be an artist. But not both things at the same time.”

Feel free to visit Christian’s flickr photostream (chleyk), just hit the button.