Here’s something we’ve done a while ago, but felt like it would need a bit of attention. So we ended up remodelling every single detail. It’s not that it wasn’t good, but design is a living thing. It changes and evolves. You might know that we are not believers in perfection, at least not in the way other designers see it. We think that perfection is not something you can achieve and, frankly, it’s not something you should achieve. Because perfection is the big ‘full stop’. It’s like death, stopping any possible development. Practically stopping life.

But enough of dry philosophy. We call this our ‘wing desk’, because the design takes clues from aircraft engineering, without being overly literal about it. After all, it’s a piece of furniture, which means it definitely has a different function compared to an airplane wing. It requires or allows different materials, depending on the angle you want to look at.