I’m Busy, But…

Sometimes, we have less to do, sometimes more. And then there are times there’s so much on your to-do list and a deadline looming, you’d hope the 48 hour day would have been invented.

Of course, there is no question about it. When we accept a job, delivering what we promised to he highest standard and within the agreed time frame has priority. We keep our promises. However, no matter how busy we are, there is always time for:

  • a decent coffee, properly done (note: instant coffee is not coffee)
  • enjoying the moment of beautiful light when the sun is just about to set
  • taking a silly picture or two of the cat
  • enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner without hurrying (ideally including some creative cooking)
  • lending a friend an ear when he or she needs someone to talk to or just for a minute or two of small talk
  • give your significant other a hug, a kiss and a ‘I love you’
  • give your cat some attention
  • scribble, doodle, sketch or note down any idea not related to the project that crosses your mind regardless
  • dedicate a bit of time for fitness, being busy is no excuse for skipping exercises
  • day dream for a minute or two

Just a few things coming to our mind spontaneously. We’re sure everybody can think of a few more things, so please feel free to comment! The important thing is, we’re not robots. Our creativity and our passion for what we’re doing comes from the fact that we’re human after all. The results of our work do get better when we remember to get distracted occasionally.