In A Galaxy, Far, Far Away

“Actually, I must admit I always preferred the tag line of the German version. It was saying ‘Es war einmal in ferner Zukunft’ (meaning ‘once upon a time, far away in the future’) which kind of made sense to me. Star Wars (A New Hope) was ultimately not really a science fiction but rather a fairytale with space ships..”\

Christian Leyk’s own film project doesn’t have much to do with Star Wars, except maybe the fact that growing up with the original trilogy made the movies one of the biggest sources of inspiration for him. There was Indiana Jones, there was Bladerunner, there was Alien. There were the films of Wong Kar Wai, Luc Besson and Zhang Yimou. There was the strange world of Japanese animation. And there was Francis Ford Coppola’s turn on Dracula.

“As a teenager I was thinking I might become a writer when I grow up. Trouble was, though I know how to use words, I’m better with pictures. But somehow it was becoming clear to me that creativity is a state of mind that eventually involves everything, so it was just a matter of time before I would find myself crafting together a movie. Or at least a script (in the hope that one way or the other, this would turn into a feature film one day.”

Fact is, design is keeping us fairly busy, so over the years there was not always enough time and priority to focus on this hobby project. But it’s always true that it never completely left our mind, so on and off we kept tinkering. So for a long time it was just like the above mentioned tag line: It started once upon a time and we were hoping to finish it in the (not so far) future.

It’s not really finished yet either, but we reached a point where we can say this is finished enough to say we’re ready to share it with the world, secretly hoping that by doing so we’ll find collaborators in one way or the other to help Christian turning this into a motion picture. He has been working on it for so long and from what we’ve seen, it seems rather cool. We would love to see it in on the big screen. It’s called ‘Forgotten, Not Forgiven’ and it’s hard to describe what it really is…

So if we’ve got your curiosity now (and hopefully your attention, too), please feel free to contact us for more information….