In A Reflective Mood

“It’s a little bit of a luxury to afford yourself occasionally” admits Christian Leyk. “People might think you’re moody or under the weather.. and indeed it does probably take a little bit of discipline to not let that happen. It’s also important to really keep it to a moment and switch back to ‘full steam ahead’ immediately afterwards. However, I do treasure those moments when I simply step back and reflect on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it and pretty much everything else that is going on around me at any particular moment in time. I believe that while you can keep on running day after day after day, your running will become more efficient when you look not just at the ground in front of your feet but also at your running in the greater context.

People say that this isn’t always a good thing, because you might find that you haven’t progressed as much as you planned to. There’s always that danger, of course. People say that you must never look up when climbing a mountain, because even the most reasonable progress does look insignificant compared to the might of the rocks ahead. But personally, I find it’s motivating me more than looking at the same 3 metres of dusty path in front of me for ages, not knowing if these are possibly the last 3 metre before reaching the goal.

Motivation is a mine field… whatever you do can go horribly wrong. The trick is that you create a method that suits your character and whatever your findings at any given time you should be able to use them to cheer you on rather than leaving you disheartened. Easier said than done, I know.”

So here’s the balance of the last few weeks…. our business plan for the TRACE project is taking shape. We have posted 2 designs in the website’s portfolio. We somehow (and for rather unexplainable reasons, because we really don’t have time for this) managed to re-start our work on the script of ‘Forgotten, Not Forgiven’ (the story that isn’t a vampire story). Some things still take longer than we’d like them to do, but then again we know that we always want them to go faster. On reflection, we’re quite happy.