Is Architecture Cold?

Obviously, this is not really a serious question. Sometimes we actually do think so, because of the use of all that glass, steel and concrete. And actually, we do find those cold cathedrals of modern architecture strangely attractive.

We do like those breathtaking staircases that float freely, defying all gravity, in the middle of a large and otherwise empty concrete hall. And we love the way the sun falls in through those skylights high above, bathing the bare walls in an almost surreal light.

We hardly ever ask ourselves if we actually would like to live in such a place. Maybe we don’t because it’s so far out of our budget that we don’t need to think about it. We can lean back and just admire the purity of the design. Our own places will never look as good, because we live there. But how about, just for the moment, we try to imagine how it would be if we could move in?

Would we give that stunning out-of-this-world residence overlooking the sea (including a private beach and a drive way long enough so we won’t even see the neighbours) our own touch, filling it up not with expensive artwork but with bits and pieces that we accumulated over the years? Or would be leave it empty, store all our belongings in the garage and walk through our new home as if it would be a museum?

Asking Christian Leyk, his answer was “My personal art collection includes a print of Snoopy & Woodstock, a print of a german artist called Janosch, who’s pictures are popular for children (it’s a smiling frog), a poster of an art exhibition (Barnes Collection, 1995, Haus Der Kunst, München) and even a Mordillo puzzle (amongst the obvious yacht photos). But all these pieces are telling a story about who I am, so I would not change them for a Damien Hurst, even if I would get paid for it!“