It’s Full Of Nature

Some designers claim that they get inspiration from nature, and then we see cars that resemble bats (including a front that looks like the radar must have failed…), chairs that mimic octopuses and lamps that are modelled after dandelions. Alright, the last one doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all!

Quite often though this form of ‘inspiration’ does create some rather comical results, especially when there’s no real connection between the product and it’s ‘source’. Real inspiration though works much better on an abstract, and quite often much more simple level. A curve, a colour. A surface pattern.

Or maybe it’s just that the designer should come out of his cocoon every now and again, switch off the computer and go for a walk. “Open your eyes and you will discover a world beautiful beyond imagination”

We assure you that nothing you will see in the attached pictures will turn into a new 50m motor yacht. We were just going for a walk in the New Forest to see if we would find mushrooms. Didn’t find many, but we certainly found a lot of beauty. And that is very inspiring…