Jam Session

One of the corner stones of coquine![design] is the idea that a business cannot be successful without a successful team behind it. One can bring the brightest heads together, but if they don’t form a strong team, they are bound to fail.

This shouldn’t be such a difficult task as we want to keep our enterprise ’boutique’, so we don’t need elaborate team building exercises organised by the company’s administration in order to achieve the all important bonding. On the other hand, sitting in a room 8 hours, looking concentrated on one’s computer screen does not really do the trick either, so we (‘the team’) keep thinking of what we could do next..

Having lunch together is already a good step forward and you might have seen that we even went as far as Cornwall for a surfing weekend.. This time however, we did something completely new…

I have to admit, this really came as a surprise to me, but needless to say, I enjoyed it tremendously” told Christian Leyk. “My saxophone was collecting dust for many years, I bought it in my first midlife crisis at the age of 25! Well, I couldn’t afford a Harley Davidson and really, have you ever walked the endless tunnels of the Metro in Paris? From the distance you can hear the melancholic sound of a sax.. Naturally, I jumped at the idea of a jam session with my colleagues. No melancholic sediments here, just pure relaxing fun. Add drums, a handful of guitars and off we went!”

Music is probably one of the most enjoyable things people can do together. It’s creative, it’s not competitive, and it’s actually quite relaxing: “I was feeling really good afterwards. Of course, I’m looking forward to the next opportunity. I might practice a little bit in the meantime. Maybe a bit of jamming every now and again might become part of the coquine![design] philosophy?”