Just add Grace Kelly… Comfortable, but frankly, she won’t wrap you in cotton wool. After all, it’s about the experience, too: To feel the wind, to feel the acceleration, the fact that you’re on the water. And of course she’s fast!

But then she’s all style. While we were working on the design of this 10m runabout which we named after the famous Hitchcock movie, we started re-defining our idea of what we believe is good ‘retro’ design. And we found that it’s not at all about trying to make something look old (‘vintage’), but rather applying the same design principles as those designers of the past would have done, when creating icons like the Riva Aquarama or the Ferrari GTO. Use your heart to make something beautiful, use your head to make it work. It’s really that easy..

The result isn’t the most practical or versatile tender in the yachting world, but she makes travelling for 4 a very elegant affair and with drumsticks in the picnic basket and champagne in the cooler she’s your romantic weekender. Actually, she might be so much fun you don’t even need a yacht!