Just Lucky

.. we didn’t run into a lamp post or anything else really. But we simply couldn’t stop looking up! 

welcome to the neighbourhoods of Russafa and Gran Via in the heart of Valencia. It’s just outside the historic centre, but we think it’s the heart of the city. Certainly when it comes to the cool and creative vibe. Yes, some may argue that particularly Russafa might have suffered from some gentrification and that it’s probably not as rough as it used to be. But then again, we’re sure those people who complain about the neighbourhood loosing its cool are exactly the same that complained before that they wouldn’t set foot in there because it was too rough. Go figure!

To us, the place is just marvellous. in the centre of Russafa there’s a wonderful market where you get everything you need, and around you have bars, cafes, design studios, artists, boutiques and so much more. Gran Via on the other hand, is full of bars and restaurants and from mid afternoon you’ll find half of the city’s population sitting there. we assume that’s of course all business meetings!

However, sometimes what goes on above is as interesting as what happens in the street. In this case, it was simply the beautiful and very colourful buildings and the striking contrast to the deep blue winter sky. We just couldn’t get enough of it!