Life’s A Beach

A while ago we told you about our regular trips to Bremerhaven and how much we enjoyed taking a walk after work or at night along the river and across the port area. Floating docks, locks, enormous car carriers and the odd cruise liner, there’s just so much to see. Not to forget our old favourites, the big port cranes in all shapes and sizes, both on land and on the ships itself. 

As you know, Germany and the ship yard weren’t our only destination. We did mention that we also went to Italy, for some marble shopping. Which we really enjoyed, not only because of all the amazing variety of stone. Or the working lunches with the colleagues. 

If you look at the map you’ll find that Italy’s most famous marble location, Carrara, is just a stone trough from the sea. No pun intended. (It’s also fairly close to Pisa and the leaning tower, but that’s another story). Now wonder we took the opportunity to have a walk on the beach… well, it was February and thus a little bit early in the year to have a splash. Having said that, we did took our shows off and dipped our feet… brrrrr!

So it’s official. Beaches outside the season might not be as manicured as they would be usually, but we love them. May we simply say that we just love beaches? At any time? On a hot day but also when they’re so windswept that you feel like you’re just getting sandblasted.